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Medusa Pro

Medusa Pro Box.....Order Sekarang !!!
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Kelengkapan :
Medusa Pro (box with a smart card) 1pcs
Micro UART cable (with 530K resistor) 1pcs
Optimus cable 1pcs
Medusa Pro JIG Adapter 1pcs
Copper wire 0.1 mm 1pcs
USB A-B cable 1pcs

Software Features:
Read Boot/Flash
Write Boot/Flash
Erase Boot/Flash
Repair Boot/Flash
Unlock and Repair IMEI
SONY and HTC only (via Testpoint or JTAG connection)

Supported CPUs:
Broadcom BCM2133
Broadcom BCM2155
Broadcom BCM21654
HiSilicon Hi6731
Marvell PXA270
Marvell PXA310
Qualcomm APQ8060
Qualcomm APQ8064
Qualcomm APQ8064T
Qualcomm MDM6270
Qualcomm MDM8200A
Qualcomm MSM6280
Qualcomm MSM6280A
Qualcomm MSM6275
Qualcomm MSM6281
Qualcomm MSM6246
Qualcomm MSM6245
Qualcomm MSM6260
Qualcomm MSM6800
Qualcomm MSM6290
Qualcomm MSM6250
Qualcomm MSM6250A
Qualcomm MSM7200
Qualcomm MSM7200A
Qualcomm MSM7200B
Qualcomm MSM7201A
Qualcomm MSM7201B
Qualcomm MSM7227
Qualcomm MSM7227A
Qualcomm MSM7227T
Qualcomm MSM7225
Qualcomm MSM7225A
Qualcomm MSM7230
Qualcomm MSM7230T
Qualcomm MSM7625A
Qualcomm MSM8255
Qualcomm MSM8255T
Qualcomm MSM8227
Qualcomm MSM8230
Qualcomm MSM8260
Qualcomm MSM8655
Qualcomm MSM8660
Qualcomm MSM8930
Qualcomm MSM8930AB
Qualcomm MSM8960
Qualcomm QSC6270
Qualcomm QSC6270 (OneNAND)
Qualcomm QSD8250
Qualcomm QSD8650
ST-Ericsson NovaThor U8500
Samsung S3C6410
Samsung S5P6442
Samsung S5PC110 Cortex A8
Samsung S5PC210
Samsung S5PV310 Cortex (Exynos4210)
Texas Instruments OMAP850
Texas Instruments OMAP3430
Texas Instruments OMAP3630
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