Infinity CM2 Dongle

Harga 925.000
Deskripsi Produk Order Langsung WhatsApp aja ke 085691670888 Atau 08986667337
Infinity Box/Dongle contain the next software, hardware and support:
-  Software for GSM and CDMA models, see list of supported models
-  World-Famous "Chinese Miracle" Software for MTK/Mediatek etc.
-  World-Famous "Chinese Miracle-2" Software for MTK/Mediatek,    SPD/Spreadtrum, RDA/Coolsand etc.
-  Protection Smart-Card
-  USB Smart-Card Reader
-  Support area access (software, flash files, drivers, manuals, updates, bug-fix etc.)
-  Smart-Card upgrade server access
-  Support via e-mail
-  Support forum access
Official Website Chinese Miracle 2
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