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Ultrashell/Djawir Key

Harga 860.000
Deskripsi Produk Djawir Key Full Aktivasi
Untuk Feature lengkapnya silahkan agan agan langsung ke website resminya
Website Ultrashell www.total-support.me
Forum Resminya www.djawir.com
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Ufi Dongle

Harga 950.000
Deskripsi Produk IUFI Dongle is security dongle to be used with UFI Android ToolBox, No additional activation is needed.
Ultra low cost, Rich features, Using the same software used by UFIBOX.
• Universal Platform with support for almost all Android brands and models in the market
• Debrick Android Intel devices(ASUS, Lenovo, etc)
• Debrick Android Qualcomm HSUSB QDloader 9008(Xiaomi, Oppo, etc) devices
• Debrick Android MediaTek(Meizu, Oppo, etc) devices
• Repair Imei for Android Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek (and another platform in future update)
• Normal flashing via Fastboot, Intel, Qualcomm Sahara or Firehose protocol, and MediaTek
• Regularly Updated Support files for Firmware
Selengkapnya langsung menuju website resmi www.ufi-box.com
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BST Dongle

Harga 850.000
Deskripsi Produk Untuk Feature,support,video tutorial dan yang lain nya silahkan langsung menuju website resminya di www.gsmbest.com
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Plug Master Peace

Harga 30.000
Deskripsi Produk Memmbantu proses pemasangan ic
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Timah Cair Anti Kering (BEST)

Harga 60.000
Deskripsi Produk Untuk Repair kaki ic
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Lakban Alumunium Foil

Harga 60.000
Deskripsi Produk Lakban alumunium ini untuk melindungi lingungan ic yang sedang dalam pengerjaan menggunakan blower
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Harga 35.000
Deskripsi Produk IC Type BGA 221,BGA162,BGA 186,Note 4
Gambar Produk Lainnya :

Plat BGA 10 Type

Harga 35.000
Deskripsi Produk IC Type MSM8996,K3QF6F60MM-QGCF,K3RG4G4,
Gambar Produk Lainnya :

Plat BGA 23 Type

Harga 35.000
Deskripsi Produk IIC Type KLM8G1WEMB-B031,MT6582,KMR820001M-B609,
Gambar Produk Lainnya :

Plat BGA 26 Type

Harga 35.000
Deskripsi Produk IC TYPE MSM8974,APQ8064,MT6752V,MSM8916,K3QF2F2F200A-QGCF,BA164B1PF,14130R18500,MT6325V,KMR310001M-B611,KLM8H1GEAC-B031,WTR1605L,MSM8928,MT6328V,H9TP32ABJDBC,PM8926,MC09386,PM8921,PM8941 AND MORE
Plat BGA MTK,Huawei,Qualcomm,Oppo
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Solder Sunshine SL-907A 40w

Harga 135.000
Deskripsi Produk Solder tangan dengan kualitas terbaik,sangat nyaman untuk menemani keseharian anda bekerja memperbaiki smartphone hadware
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Solder Yihua 947 Stationer 60W

Harga 165.000
Deskripsi Produk Solder tangan 60w sangat bagus untuk membantu pengerjaan Emmc,Jumper jalur kecil dan yang lain nya
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ZXW Dongle

Harga 1000.000
Deskripsi Produk Official Website www.zxwtools.com
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Nokia BEST Infinity

Harga 650.000
Deskripsi Produk - Normal/dead USB flashing
- sp-unlock (operator/network unlock)
- custom flashing via USB
- repair phone
- read information
- sp-unlock/operator lock/network lock/provider lock
- user lock
- lifetime counter operations
- product profile operations
- selftest, format file system
- reset settings
- keyboard test
- user data extraction
- user data repair
many other functions
- SL3 unlock service
- list of models already unlocked via SL3 service
Official Website Nokia BEST Infinity www.infinity-best.com
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Ufi Box White

Harga 2700.000
Deskripsi Produk UFi Box is a powerful EMMC Service Tool that can Read EMMC user data, as well as repair, resize, format, erase, read write and update firmware on EMMC in Samsung, china phone skhynix, toshiba, kingston, micron, and other brands.

UFi Box is a tool to repair phones with the ability to:

Repair EMMC, Resize EMMC, Format EMMC, Write full data, erase full, Read boot1, Read boot2 and more....
Official Website Ufi Box www.ufi-box.com
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Infinity CM2 Dongle

Harga 900.000
Deskripsi Produk Infinity Box/Dongle contain the next software, hardware and support:
-  Software for GSM and CDMA models, see list of supported models
-  World-Famous "Chinese Miracle" Software for MTK/Mediatek etc.
-  World-Famous "Chinese Miracle-2" Software for MTK/Mediatek,    SPD/Spreadtrum, RDA/Coolsand etc.
-  Protection Smart-Card
-  USB Smart-Card Reader
-  Support area access (software, flash files, drivers, manuals, updates, bug-fix etc.)
-  Smart-Card upgrade server access
-  Support via e-mail
-  Support forum access
Official Website Chinese Miracle 2 www.infinity-box.com
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SFT+Support Download

Harga 550.000
Deskripsi Produk IFeature : Support Download Firmware And Flash or repair Fastboot,Raw,Mediatek,Qualcomm,Asus,Intel,Spreadtrum,Samsung And Blackberry
Official website Smart Flasher Tool www.smart-flasher.com
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Smart Flasher Tool (SFT)

Harga 400.000
Deskripsi Produk Feature : Flash and repair Fastboot,Raw,Mediatek,Qualcomm,Asus,Intel,Spreadtrum,Samsung And Blackberry
Official website Smart Flasher Tool www.smart-flasher.com
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MRT Dongle

Harga 1300.000
Deskripsi Produk I** What is MRT Dongle ?**

MRT Dongle is Mobile Repair Tool Dongle.
The New Innovation of mobile phone software repair which with permanent can unlock many devices of android mobile phone.

A program specialized repair for flashing / Unlocking Meizu - Xiaomi - VIVO - HUAWEI -Coolpad and Many More All MTK Chip.
It is the first universal data card for Flashing/unlocking product worldwide,

MRT Dongle, can repair the devices and make it alive and Unlocking
such as Accounts Unlock, Password Remove, and Bootloader Unlock is fast and No Need Activation or buys the Credits ( takes 5 - 60 seconds to unlock).
VERY EASY to use and functional program with clear interface and All repairing just need USB connection.

** What Can Do with MRT Dongle ?

There are have many features inside the MRT Software, such as :

    BK Vivo FRP unlock\imei repair\flash...
    OPPO FRP unlock\imei repair\flash...
    HongMi(MTK CPU) unlock password\frp unlock\imei repair\flash...
    Meizu Phones without Open Mobile phone Flash and Unlock Password \Frp(Account) Remove By One Click
    supported with Aliyun OS system.
    Supported with HUAWEI FRP Remove\Unlock Bootloader\ReLock Bootloader
    LeEco Qualcomm FRP Full Support (account\google id) remove(connect the internet without lock again)
    Support X800,X800+,X900,X900+ ..
    Supported all MTK Android Phone Set. Even last chip MT6580 or MTK X10 6753 6752 6595 6795...
    (old CPU set like MTK 6575 6577 6572 6571 was supported also)

At this time, 95% new set is 4G LTE SET,
And MTK Set mobile phone uses MT6290 base IC
now MRT is First Support IMEI Repair with it.
Official Website MRT Dongle www.mrt-dongle.org
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EMMC Pro Box

Harga 1100.000
Deskripsi Produk It is the ability of devices to being programmed while installed in a complete system , rather than requiring the chip to be programmed prior installing or prior to being mounted .
ISP operations enables users to directly recover the complete data without removing the chip ( eMMC , eMCP, NAND ,etc.. )
Official Website Emmc Pro Box www.emmc-pro.com
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